Whirlpool Spas


There is nothing in the world like the soothing therapy of a Whirlpool Spa. A simple, natural way of rejuvenating your mind, body and spirit – it's fun – it's healthy – it's relaxing and stimulating. It's a remedy for stress, a way of setting your mind free and a perfect setting for communicating with your family and friends. In a Whirlpool Spa, tensions float away, your muscles relax, your mind rests and your energy is renewed. Owning a Whirlpool Spa therefore, is one of the most considerate things that you can do for yourself and your family.

Please click on the images on the left-hand side of the description if you wish to see diagrammatics and specifications of the spa's below.

1 juliana  


A unique eight-sided exterior shape with classic round interior. The unique split-level seating allows bathers to take advantage of the spa's different massaging capabilities.

This is a popular 4-6 seater that is also available as a portable spa

2 orion  


A Rimflow Spa with intergrated 1 piece channel, gives maximum surface skimming and the water level is constant.

A balance tank is used to compensate the water displacement when the spa is in use.

3 beatrix  


This truly innovative spa comes standard with six hydro jets and a multitude of aeration jets for unsurpassed hydro luxury.

The abundant features of this spa make it popular for club and hotel use and it is also available with a Rimflo. (see Juliana Rimflo Diagram)

4 zodiac  


The spa is well proportioned and easily accommodates five people.

The spa features four seats and a separate adult recliner, for a very relaxing spa.

5 donna  


A traditional square shape that seats four adults very comfortably. Ideal for installation where space for larger units is limited. This is a popular above ground portable unit which works equally well as a built-in unit.

6 conquistador  


A deep spa that features lots of leg room and perfectly angled back reclining sides.

This eight to ten seater is a favourite in the domestic market, but also amply fulfills the needs of the commercial sector.

7 elizabeth  


A Superbly large, spacious eight to ten seater with clean classic lines.This Spa is idea for the hotel and commercial sector and is also very popular with a rimflo.

8 whirlsupport